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Understanding Different


Click on the links below to view animations outlining the techniques. If your Web browser is not equipped with these Plug-ins, you can easily download a free copy of one now.

- The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) allows a single, small, specific area of DNA to be copied numerous times. This process amplifies, with great specificity, single copies of DNA turning a single copy of target DNA in to millions of copies that can then be visualized. The sensitivity and specificity of PCR assays makes it and accentual tool in today's Medical Diagnostic world. - Animation

PCR Animation - Animation

Southern Blotting - Animation

Cycle Sequencing - Animation

DNA Detective - Animation

DNA replication 59kb (requires macromedia shockwave).

DNA replication, 7.4 megs.


The Virtual Bacteria ID Lab- Animation

Bacterial ID Lab
Use DNA sequencing techniques to identify deadly pathogens.- Animation

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