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Toxins and Other
Avian Health Problems


Below is a list of links to sites that provide an abundance of
information on what is, or is not toxic to your birds. Some of
these sites also provide information on what to do if
your bird becomes ill, and what to look for.


Alerts & Toxins - Parrot-Parrot

Antioxidants and Preservatives - Blake Hawley, DVM; OWA

Chemical Dyes and Our Bird's Health - Alicia McWatters Ph.D; Parrothouse

Cleaning Safely - Carolyn Swicegood; Land of Vos

Ethoxyquin - Gillian Willis; Aviary

Harmful Plants - BirdsnWays

Hazards and the Care of Your Bird - Bobbi Brinker; Winged Wisdom

Hazards To Bird Health - Carolyn Swicegood; Land of Vos

Safe Plants & Trees - BirdsnWays

Toxic Plants - U of Illinois at UC

Toxicity of Plants - UC Davis - UC Davis

Zinc and Parrots - Margaret A. Wissman, D.V.M; ExoticPetVet

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