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Information on Specific Parrots & Parakeets


African Grey Parrots

African Grey FAQ - Monica Gonzalez
African Grey Myths: Greys Are Clumsy - Bobbi Brinker; Winged Wisdom
African Grey Parrot (Pictures & Range Map) - African Parrot Society
Breeding African Greys - Linda Greeson; BlueQuaker
Breeding African Greys - Part I - Bobbi Brinker; Winged Wisdom
Breeding African Greys - Part II - Bobbi Brinker; Winged Wisdom
Breeding African Greys - Part III - Bobbi Brinker; Winged Wisdom
Breeding African Greys (Pairing) - Dennis Saydak; African Parrot Society
Breeding Congo African Greys - Kim Thomas; Kim's
Keeping African Greys - C.M.; African Parrot Society
Talking - Wilhelm Kiesselbach; It's a Greys World
Talking & Intelligence in African Greys - Sally Blanchard; Pet Bird Report


Agressive Amazon - Howard Voren; Voren
Amazon Basics - Lara de Vries; DFAviary



Black-Headed Caique Profile - Gail Worth; Aves Internationl
Breeding Blackheaded Caiques - Smiles of Feathers
Caique food manual - Foods for Caiques
Classic Caique Articals - additional information about Caiques
The Caique Site - Everything you need to know about Caiques
The Caique Manual - Great place to go for help
White Bellied Caique - Pet Bird Page



Basic Canary Help - Lori's Parrots
Basic Canary Information - Lori Lynn; Lori's Canaries
Basic Pet Canary Care - Ginger Wolnik; PacASC
Canary FAQ - Anthony Olszewski; UpatSix
Complete Canary Care - Anthony Olszewski; Petcraft
Introduction to Canary Breeding - Ginger Wolnik; PacASC


Baby Cockatiel Growth Chart - Strictly for the Birds
Cockatiel Genetics - Alan D. Mason; Cockatiel Cabin
Cockatiels - Pet Bird Page
Cockatiels - Advice From A Breeder - Linda Greeson; BlueQuaker
Cockatiel Secrets - Discover the secrets to raising a happy, healthy and well
behaved Cockatiel!
Interstate Cockatiel Association - National cockatiel club



About Cockatoos - Feathers
Black Palm Cockatoos - Glenn Reynolds; Majestic Cocka2s
Breeder Cages, Nestboxes and Brooders - True Companion Aviary
Cockatoo Bathing and Species-Specific Behavior - Donna Hefton; NetPets
Cockatoo Family, Genus, Species Charts - Carol Highfill; Cockatoo Heaven
Cockatoo Species Descriptions - Cockatoo Species
Cockatoo Vocalizations Part 2: Redefining 'Communication' - Sam Foster; ParrotHouse
Cockatoos - Overview Info; Parrotlink
Cockatoos Need For Attention - Carol Highfill and Bobbi Brinker; Cockatoo Heaven
Ducorp's Cockatoo Profile - Gail Worth; Aves Internationl
Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Cockatoos - Skydiver
Galah (Rose breasted) Cockatoo - Mike Owen; BirdsnWays
Goffin's Cockatoo - Pet Bird Page
Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo - Pet Bird Page
Long Billed Corellas - Scott Lewis; OWA
Major Mitchell (Leadbeater's) Cockatoos - Mike Owen; BirdsnWays
Moluccan Cockatoo - Pet Bird Page
Palm Cockatoo - Scott Lewis; OWA

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Species - Sandra Dobbs and Carol Highfill; Cockatoo Heaven
Umbrella Cockatoo - Pet Bird Page
Umbrella Cockatoo Species - Carol Highfill; Cockatoo Heaven
White-Tailed Black Cockatoo



Blue Crown Conures Exceptional Pet Birds - Anne Johnson; Winged Wisdom
Blue Crowned Conure - Pet Bird Page
Conures!! - Lara de Vries; Parrots!!
Differences in Conure Species - Pyrrhura Breeders Association
Gold Cap Conure - Pet Bird Page
Golden-capped Conure - Diane Welch; Winged Wisdom
Green Cheek Conure - Pet Bird Page
Introduction To Sun Conures - Theresa Jordan; Winged Wisdom
Jenday Conure - Pet Bird Page
Maroon Bellied Conure - Pet Bird Page
Maroon Bellied Conures - p-pp.tv
Popular Conures and Their Breeding Habits - Howard Voren; Voren
Pyrrhura Conures (Green Cheeked Mutations) - Feather Tree
Pyrrhura Conures Overview - PBA
Queen of Bavaria's Conure - Glenn Reynolds; Majestic Cocka2s
Sun Conure - Pet Bird Page
Yellow-Sided Green-Cheeked Conure - Feather Tree


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