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Information on Specific Parrot & Parakeet Species



Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus Diet - Constance Bacon; Eclectus Forum, Birds n Ways
Eclectus Myths - Carolyn Swicegood; LandofVos
Eclectus Parrot - Fred Bauer; Eclectus Group
Eclectus Parrot - Pet Bird Page
Eclectus Parrot - An Overview - Constance Bacon; Winged Wisdom
General Care of the Eclectus - Carolyn Swicegood; LandofVos
Handfeeding Eclectus Babies - Constance Bacon; Eclectus Group
Your New Eclectus Parrot - Linda & Scott Lewis; OWA

Fig Parrots



About Oriental Strawberry Finches - Sarah Stuart; Feathers
About Owl (Bicheno) Finches
- Sarah Stuart; Feathers
About Shaftail Finches - Sarah Stuart; Feathers
About Star Finches - Sarah Stuart; Feathers
About Zebra Finches - Sarah Stuart; Feathers
Building Finch Cages & Flights - Jayne Yantz; Finchworld & BirdTalk
Finch Compatability - Jayne Yantz; Finchworld & BirdTalk
Finch Topics (FAQs) - Robin Sweet; Finchworld
Finches for Beginners - Jayne Yantz; Finchworld & BirdTalk

Gouldian Finches #1 & #2
- Louis Garcia; Feathers
Role of Nutrition and Environment in a Successful Breeding Program - Fenton Mereness; OWA
Zebra Finch Mutations - Part I - Mary K. Wilson; Winged Wisdom
Zebra Finch Mutations - Part II - Mary K. Wilson; Winged Wisdom


Hawk-headed Parrots

Hawk-headed Parrots
Hawk-headed Parrots - Dale R. Thompson; UpatSix
Hawk-headed Parrots - Jean Pattison; Winged Wisdom

The On-line Monograph of Hawk-headed Parrots


New Zealand's Little Jewels - Mike Owen and Sandra Dobbs; Winged Wisdom
Kakarikis in Captivity - Gillian Willis; Majestic Macaws


King Parrots



Establishing Pairs for Breeding - Exclusively Lories
Lories and Lorikeets - Harraden's Habitat
Lories FAQs - Dick Schroeder; UpatSix
Lorikeets of Australia - Mike Owen; BirdsnWays
Lory Lovers Library - Deborah Wisti-Peterson; Winged Wisdom
Misunderstood Lory - Linda Greeson; BlueQuaker



Breeding Lovebirds - Vera Appleyard; ParrotParrot
Breeding The Masked Lovebird - Kathy Greaser; BCA
Breeding Tips for Beginners - Doug Bedwell; ALBS
Fischer's Lovebird - This little site concentrates on a successful breeding formula for good healthy LUTINO Fischer's Lovebirds, full of great information and photos.
Fischer's Lovebird - Wendy L. Poole; BCA
Fischers Lovebird Mutations - Aqua O
Handfeeding Baby Lovebirds - Linda Luckey; LB-L
Lovebird Care - Doree Bedwell; ALBS
Lovebird Color Mutations - ALBS
Lovebird FAQ - Nicole Jones; BirdsnWays
Masked Lovebird Mutations - Aqua O
Peach Faced Lovebird - Pet Bird Page
Peachfaced Lovebirds - The Colors of the Rainbow - Vera Appleyard; ParrotParrot
Species of Lovebirds - ALBS


Aging in Macaws - Susan Clubb, DVM; BlueMacaws
ALLmacaws - Nick and Chris Petrosh

An Experiment In Colony Breeding the Hyacinth Macaw
- Carla Marquard; Blue Macaws
Blue and Gold Macaw - Pet Bird Page
Bolivian Scarlets? - Howard Voren; Voren
Breeder Cages, Nestboxes and Brooders - True Companion Aviary
Breeding Macaw Basics - Joanne Abramson; UAS
Buying a Pet Macaw - Joanne Abramson; Majestic Macaws
Green Wing Macaw - Pet Bird Page
Hahn's Macaws - Pet Bird Page
Hyacinthine Macaws, Their Care And Breeding - Gloria Allen Rutherford; Blue Macaws
Hybrid Macaw Types - Those Majestic Macaws
Macaw Pictures - Judy Leach; PetParrot
Macaw Weights and Measures - Rosemary Low; Those Majestic Macaws
Macaws - Overview Info - Parrotlink
Macaws - Personality Plus!! - Bill and Sandy Harrison; Winged Wisdom
Macaws FAQs - Large macaws - Up At Six
Macaws FAQs - Mini macaws - Exotic Bird
Macaws on the Endangered Species List - Those Majestic Macaws
Military Macaw - VIN
Mystery of the Blue-Throated Macaw - Shelly Bohannon; Internet Bird Club
Report on Spix's Macaw - Katherine Ellison; Blue Macaws
Scarlet Macaw - Pet Bird Page
Selecting A New Macaw - Terry Buckingham & Sandy Harrison; Winged Wisdom
Severe Macaw - Pet Bird Page
Spix's macaw: News from the recovery project - Blue Macaws
Successful hand-rearing of Hyacinthine Macaws - Carmen Lafin; Blue Macaws



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